The breath is invisible, yet it affects the visible. The Greek word, ‘pneuma’ means ‘spirit’ as well as ‘breath.’ Through the breath we can connect our consciousness to our unconscious thoughts, our bodies, our emotions, and our spirits.

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A Lottelife Individual  Breathwork session is a personalised process based on your specific needs.  To enter non ordinary states of consciousness (beyond the thinking mind) Lottelife Transpersonal Breathwork is centred around conscious connected breathing, transpersonal states (going beyond the personal self), shamanism, specialised body work and specific music for your journey.

A Transpersonal Breathwork session can activate our intrinsic healer, encouraging the natural inner healing processes of both psyche and physical body.  Blocked energy from denied experience can become freed up and released, allowing us to get in touch with our body to reconnect what has been suppressed, including feelings of pleasure and love or unfelt and unresolved traumas.

The session will include preparation, your breathwork journey and the beginning of the integration phase.  Each breathwork journey spans about two hours on the mat plus preparation and integration time with Lotte.  Many find a three hour session is ideal but this will vary depending on specific needs.  

Some choose a longer session to allow more time for the psyche and body to explore more deeply and extra time for integration with Lotte after the journey.  Some find it helpful to have extended time before the journey, especially if there are deeper matters they would like to unpack.

Once your consultation is confirmed Lotte will be in touch with introductory information so that you can begin the preparation for your breathwork journey.  There will also be plenty of opportunities in your session to cover any questions or concerns that you may have.  Together with Lotte you will make agreements to assist in creating a healing environment and space for your experiences. 

When your session is coming to an end Lotte will be available with helpful information so that you can start the integration phase, with the invitation and encouragement to continue the unfolding of your experiences when you return home.  Lotte will provide all the necessary resources and tools for this stage.

It is recommended that you book your breathwork appointment at a time when you don't have pressing commitments after your session to give yourself time to be with your experience and to continue the integration phase.

If it is your first Breathwork experience with Lotte please get in touch the following day to check in and ask any questions you may have.

*Please note that Lottelife Breathwork is not Holotropic Breathwork® (HB), which has a specific set and setting structure developed by Dr. Stan and Christina Grof.  Please go to resources if you would like more information on HB.

What is Lottelife Breathwork?

Lottelife Transpersonal Breathwork is a combination of the methods of both of Lotte’s Breathwork qualifications, as well as her experience and knowledge in both methodologies gained over many years.  Lotte believes this unique combination is valuable in creating the best ‘Set and Setting’* for your individual needs in your Breathwork experience.  For Lotte’s education and qualifications see ‘About Lotte’.

* Please scroll down for more on ‘Set and Setting’.

Breathwork can be a profound, rejuvenating and self-generated process that can transform your health and well-being and assist with personal development and self-understanding.  This is achieved by surrendering and releasing what no longer serves you and perhaps has been holding you back for years, thereby enabling you to become more resourceful, joyful and enthusiastic and thus creating new opportunities for you to live a fuller life with more freedom and choices. 

Breathwork can bring up material that needs to be worked with, supported and integrated over time.  This is especially true with experiences such as childhood trauma and physical and emotional symptoms as well as the integration of shadow material. 

No two Breathwork sessions are ever the same and with that in mind there will be opportunities as part of integration phase to explore the support of Family Constellation work, Inner Child work, NLP, shadow integration and Shamanic approaches if appropriate.

What is ‘Set and Setting’?

In your research on Breathwork you will likely have heard of the expression ‘Set and Setting’.  This phrase is a term used in psychedelic therapy.  It was coined by Norman Zinberg to describe the context for psychedelic experiences and therapy.

The term is also used in some deeper styles of Breathwork that access non ordinary states of consciousness such as Lottelife Breathwork.

There is an immense difference when comparing psychedelics and Breathwork ‘Set and Setting’.  Breathwork clients find it reassuring that in a Breathwork journey (when experienced in the right ‘Set and Setting’) they can say Stop! at any time and exit their journey.

So what does ‘Set and Setting’ mean?

SET:  The mindset before and leading up to your session and also part of the preparation before you start your breathwork journey.  Lotte will cover the possibilities that can become available in Breathwork when accessing non ordinary states of consciousness and together you will make agreements and gain clarity around your specific needs.

SETTING:  The surroundings in which you will experience your Breathwork and includes plenty of comfort for your body, specific music created for your journey/experience and anything else that is supportive and helpful.  Once the session is under way Lotte will be guided by your own inner healing intelligence and intrinsic knowing.

To book a session please contact Lotte via text at 0422 989 551 Enquire below - note the Session Questionaire is required to be filled out before your session and we will also send you a link after your Booking.

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Three hours: $350

Four hours:   $450

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