Booking a Session or Workshop

If you would like to book an individual session or participate in a group workshop or retreat, please contact Lotte first before you book online.

A deposit of $100 is generally required to secure your place with any workshop unless stated otherwise on the workshop.

Please go to Consultation Tab for more information on individual services, including the hourly rate. 


Booking an Individual or One on One Consultation

Lotte offers personal consultations in person and also long-distance via Phone, Skype, Zoom or Phone app's 'WhatsApp, or Signal +61 0422989551

For more information on the consultation, seminar, workshop, or retreat or to make a booking, please contact Lotte via email, phone, or text M: 0422989551

Once you book a session you will need to fill out the appropriate Questionaire below to allow Lotte to tailer to your specific needs


Booking a Group Workshop or Session

All Group Workshops and Sessions are listed here or under the Group Sessions Workshops tab and can be booked online.

Click on the workshop/retreat details and you will see a 'Register' button - select and you're on your way!

Fill in your contact details, choose your payment method and be sure to choose the full amount tab OR the deposit tab before processing your registration. The credit card option will take you to PayPal and once you have logged in you can then choose the amount you would like to pay.

If you have any issues or questions regarding booking please feel free to email Lotte or text on 0422989551



Payment methods include:

DIRECT DEPOSIT from your internet banking (EFT- electronic bank transfer - click ‘offline’ underpayment options) or bank details:

Lotte Schultz Account: 10183062 BSB: 062668 


BY CREDIT CARD online using our SQUARE secure payments system.

If you are using your credit card - the charge will incurr an additional 2.5% admin fee.

You will be able to choose your preferred method when REGISTERING FOR A WORKSHOP or making a BOOKING ENQUIRY after selecting your course and payment option.

Note: Credit card facilities are only available via PayPal, which is a secure credit card payment, please note this option will add % a 2.5 processing charge.

Payment and Cancellation Policy:

Please pay a $100 deposit with your registration for a workshop/retreat to secure your place. Please note that without the deposit you are not enrolled in the workshop.

$100 is a non-refundable deposit of your fee with less than two week's notice, however, where possible you can transfer the deposit for our next HB workshops or a private session.

Less than 48 hours notice the full amount is non-refundable as it is then too late to notify others and I do need to cover my costs. Thank you for understanding.

Please pay the remaining on the day of the workshop in cash or have all payments done before the workshop. You can transfer payment into the bank account (Please note we can only take cash payments on the workshop day)

Lotte Schultz BSB: 062668 Account: 10183062 (also on the website) No surge charge.

If an event or workshop is canceled then we will notify you and arrange to either reschedule the event or refund you.


Additional Requirements

Once you book a session you will need to fill out the appropriate Questionaire below to allow Lotte to tailer to your specific needs

Psychotherapy Session Questionaire

Breathwork Session Questionaire

Holotropic Breathwork™ Medical Form and Liability Agreement

If you wish to take part in a Holotropic Breathwork™ session you will need to complete our medical form and liability agreement below.

Holotropic Breathwork™ Medical Form

Holotropic Breathwork™ Liability Agreement

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