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My Journey with Breathwork: A Brief Overview

It brings me immense joy to continue this transformative work in my own life and to support others as they answer the inner call to adventure. Here, I'll share a little about me and how my healing journey with Breathwork began.

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Early Life and Challenges

I was born in Denmark but later moved to Australia with my family as a young woman. Adapting to a foreign country and language proved to be a daunting challenge. I confronted a deeply challenging period, which led me to attempt suicide a year after my arrival, I later discovered that it was the secrets within me that needed to be acknowledged, not my life itself.

Seeking help, I was referred to a psychiatrist who, unfortunately, never inquired about my feelings but promptly prescribed strong antidepressants and sleeping tablets. These medications, however, only intensified my sense of disconnection from life. After enduring them for eight weeks I ceased taken them ( abruptly discontinuing such medication is not recommended), I decided to return to Denmark for a few years before eventually coming back to Australia.

During this period, I got married and became a mother. However, not long after giving birth, I encountered a severe health crisis. It was later revealed that these symptoms manifesting in my body were rooted in deep underlying trauma. It was during this time that my family and I had the opportunity to relocate to Thailand for work.

Pursuing Healing in Bangkok

In Bangkok, I embarked on studies in naturopathy and nutrition via correspondence while also delving into meditation, yoga, Reiki, and self-help literature. Living in Thailand for four years was truly an adventure filled with cultural experiences and travels. Despite the outward appearance of happiness, my inner battle with pain and depression persisted, hidden behind a well-practiced facade.

The Healing Journey Begins

Upon returning to Australia, I became a mother to two more wonderful children and experienced a special home birth. Later, I became a single mother introducing its own set of unique challenges. Yet, despite the hurdles, my quest for healing persisted.

My breakthrough moment arrived during an intense Inner Child Retreat, where I underwent my first Breathwork session. The experience was profound, helping me make sense of my life, my past suicide attempt, and the physical pain I had endured. It was a turning point that ignited a deeper exploration of Breathwork.

Dedication to Breathwork

Rather than seeking answers externally, I felt an inner calling to explore within. I embarked on extensive Breathwork training, joined the Australian Breathwork Association, and later delved into Inner Child Therapy and Family Constellation.  Facilitating Inner Child retreats, integrating Breathwork, Family Constellation, Personal development and later offer training in the Healing Arts became an integral part of my path.  

I travelled the world, attending workshops and connecting with pioneers in various Breathwork modalities. This journey eventually led me to Stanislav Grof and Christina Grof's work Holotropic Breathwork®, deepening my understanding of non-ordinary states of consciousness, the perinatal and transpersonal realms.

Holotropic Breathwork and Beyond

My passion for Holotropic Breathwork led me to certification and further studies with Stan Grof and Grof Transpersonal Training. I had the privilege of learning from pionners like Stan Grof, Tav Sparks, Diane Haug and other renowned mentors. Over the years, I've been fortunate to study alongside exceptional teachers and colleagues across various healing modalities, constantly expanding my knowledge and awakening to the transformative power of our psyche and the inner healer.

Grof® Holotropic Breathwork has emerged as a powerful experiential, non-drug training method widely embraced within the global Certification in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies program. My initial introduction to plant medicines traces back to 2011 in Ecuador. Grof® Holotropic Breathwork has been instrumental in helping me grasp the significance of 'set and setting' and integration when delving into the depths of the psyche.

Honoring Individual Journeys

I hold deep respect for each person's unique path toward healing and wholeness. It's an incredible privilege to provide a safe space where individuals can explore their inner realms with curiosity and sincerity. I've witnessed remarkable transformations and am deeply honored to support people on their journey of self-discovery.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your adventure.

With love, Lotte 


2011- 2017, Grof Transpersonal Training, New Mexico, Taos, USA -Intensive certification Holotropic Breathwork® & Transpersonal Psychology
2006-2010, Sydney - Professional Breathwork Practitioner and Training (Diploma and Group Facilitator) Australian Breathwork Association, Core Connection Breathwork Training, Jonine Lee Gabe
Breathwork Supervision Training, Sydney (Australian Breathwork Association) 
2006- 2008, Core Connecting to Self: Home coming-healing the inner child and family constellation, Facilitator training with Jonine Lee Gabe, Breathwork and Family Constellation Trainer and organizer of the International Yearly Australasian Constellation Conference.
2004-2005, Chiara College of Metaphysics, Sydney
Metaphysics & Spiritual Healing,
1994- 1995, Trisha Ellis Reiki Master/Teacher, Bangkok, Thailand
Reiki Usui System Of Natural Healing
1993-1996, Maharishi Mahesh Yoga Studio, Bangkok, Thailand
- Transcendental Meditation
1994-1995, Queensland Institute of Natural Science, Queensland
- Advance Diploma of Applied Science (Naturopathy)
1994-1995, Queensland Institute of Natural Science, Queensland
- Nutrition
1993 -1994, Australian Catholic University, Sydney
- Associate Diploma in Education

Training and Experience 

2023, Grof Transpersonal Training, Australia 
Holotropic Breathwork® & Transpersonal psychology, The Holotropic Paradigm

2019, Holotropic Breathwork® and Archetypal Astrology six-day Retreat, organiser and facilitator with Renn Butler (Canada) and team, Venue Tulum, Mexico
2019, Dr. Jennifer Sweeton (USA) EMDR Skill Training, Effective Techniques for Trauma Recovery. Sydney
2018, Grof Transpersonal Training, Music & Transcendence, Australia with Vicky Nicholson and GTT staff.
2018, Grof Transpersonal Training, The Spiritual Quest, Attachment, & Addiction, Australia, Rob Park (USA) & GTT staff.
2017, Certified 10-day Closing Intensive, New Mexico, Taos, USA , Holotropic Breathwork® and transpersonal psychology. GTT staff 
2017, Bessel Van Der Kold, M.D (USA) Workshop in Australia:  The body keeps the score.
2017, Dan Brown (USA) Australia: Attachment Disturbance in Adults
2016, Grof Transpersonal Training, Australia
Holotropic Breathwork® The Power of Trust and Connection: Transforming through Compassion,  GTT Diana Medina (USA)
2016, Is Archetypal Astrology the Rosetta Stone of the Human Psyche? Psyche & Cosmos using Archetypal Astrology navigating our times, Stanislav Grof & Richard Tarnas (USA) Online Training Course, The Shift Network.

2015, Online training, Brene Brown: Courage Works, Brave Living, Loving, Leading

2015, Grof Transpersonal Training, Australia 
Holotropic Breathwork® & Transpersonal psychology, Movie Yoga, Tav Sparks (USA)
2015, Grof Transpersonal Training, Australia 
Holotropic Breathwork® & Transpersonal psychology, The Holotropic Paradigm, Tav Sparks (USA)
2015, Santiago University Del Pacfico, Chile, Stanislav Grof, M.D.  'The Architecture of Emotional and Psychosomatic Disorders': Lessons from modern consciousness research.
2015, Santiago University Del Pacfico, Chile, Stanislav Grof, M.D. 'The world of Psychotherapy': Towards an Integration of Approaches"
2015, Andes mountains, Lo Barnechea, Chile, facilitating with Stanislav Grof and GTT staff Holotropic breathwork® workshop weekend with 360+ breathers attending.
2015, Andes Mountains, lo barnechea, Chile, GTT Module, Stanislav Grof, M.D., New Consciousness revolution: New Perspectives in Psychiatry, Psychology and Psychotherapy.
2014, Online Training Course in Archetypal and Holotropic Astrology, Grof Legacy Training Staff Renn Butler (Canada).

2014, Grof Transpersonal Training, Australia
Holotropic Breathwork® & Transpersonal Psychology, Bodywork,
GTT staff Diana Medina (USA)
2014, Grof Transpersonal Training, Australia
Holotropic Breathwork® & Transpersonal psychology, Music & Transcendence,
GTT staff Diana Medina (USA) 

2013, Grof Transpersonal Training, USA, Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Healing and Ecstasy. Stanislav Grof, M.D. & Diane Haug.
2013, Joshua Tree Retreat Centre Stanislav Grof, M.D. & Diane Haug, Spiritual Emergency: Embrace: Embrace Spiritual Emergency and unexpected Transformation. 

2013, India, Global International Breathwork Conference,  International Breathwork Foundation

2011, Ecuador South America, Global International Breathwork Conference Ecuador South America,  International Breathwork Foundation

2009, Mexico, Global International Breathwork Conference, International Breathwork Foundation

2013, Open Mind, Mindfulness Training, Australia, Rick Hanson (USA).
2012, Integrative Breathwork Training with Lloyd Lalande (NSW) Australia

2011, Family Constellations Training, Tango & Relationships with Tanya & Michael Knorr (Germany) in Australia.
2009, Family Constellation Training (Interrupted Reaching Out Movement) With Ursula Franke (Germany) in Australia
2009, Breathwork 2-day Training (Liberation Breathing) Sondra Ray (USA)

2006-2010: Co-facilitated six times per year with director Jonine Gabe, a 3-day intensive personal development program, incorporating experiential, theory & practice: Family Constellations, Breathwork, Homecoming-Healing the Inner Child, Toxic Shame and creating loving relationships.

2010-2016: Lottelife Yearly 6-day live-in Breathwork Retreat, Central Coast, NSW
2009-2019: Lottelife Monthly Personal Development and Practitioner Training in Healing and Metaphysics, Central Coast, NSW

Professional Affiliations

• Australian Breathwork Association
• Australian Breathwork Association  two years on the committee: 2005-2007
• International Breathwork Foundation member: since 2009
• Approved IICT Professional Training Provider since 2011
• International Institute for Complementary Therapy (IICT), member: since 2004
• Holotropic Breathwork™ Community: since 2013
• Professional member of the Grof Foundation         

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