Lotte Psychotherapy 720I have a great respect for individuals who take the path of self-discovery. It takes courage and commitment to explore the journey within and it has so much to offer us on our journey through life. It is an honour to hold the space and witness people connecting, healing and transforming..

Lotte Schultz

In a holistic psychotherapy session Lotte takes an integrative approach toward wholeness, health and well-being.

If you feel ‘ready’ to let in support and would like to make changes and explore new ways and possibilities in moving forward, Lotte offers a unique combination of talk therapy, inner child/resourceful adult, mindfulness practices, trauma release, shamanic practices, shadow integration, NLP and family constellation.

Everyone’s experiences with life are different and with this in mind Lotte will be guided by your innate inner healing wisdom. Together you will be exploring what modalities will be most supportive for you at this time in your journey.

Lotte offers her insights and support while working with what is calling for attention beneath symptoms, whether these are showing up in your life emotionally or physically. After your time with Lotte, she will leave you with helpful resources and tools to continue your personal development discovery in your everyday life.

To breathe is to live, and how we breathe can have a profound influence on how we live. Lotte can incorporate Breathwork or other somatic work (relating to the body) within a psychotherapy session in a therapeutic way.
In case deeper emotional material is accessed, additional time may be needed for integration. This can be discussed at the time.

We manifest our state of being through our breath and so by altering our breathing patterns, can influence how we feel. It can be helpful to gain awareness of how we hold our breath. By doing so we open the invitation to stretch and expand our ability to bring in more life force into all parts of our body resulting in the experience of greater clarity, joy and aliveness.

Lotte’s approach may be helpful for those experiencing:

  • Anxiety, Depression, PTSD
  • Trauma emotionally and/or physically
  • History of sexual abuse
  • Self- Sabotaging and challenging Inner Belief Systems
  • Parenting Skills and repeating unhealthy Family Patterns
  • Inner child wounding
  • Spiritual Emergence
  • Unintegrated material after working with plant medicine

Transformations clients frequently share:

  • Deepening the connection to self and others
  • Expanded self-awareness
  • Presence
  • Sense of aliveness
  • Increased vitality
  • Call for adventure
  • Joy and aliveness

To book a session please contact Lotte via text at 0422 989 551 Enquire below - note the Session Questionnaire is required to be filled out before your session and we will also send you a link after your Booking.

Booking Enquiry  |  Session Questionaire


One hour: $130
One hour and a half: $180
Two Hours: $250

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