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Dr. Stanislav Grof Website

An excellent interview where Holly explains what Holotropic Breathwork is and what is can offer us...

What is Holotropic Breathwork with C. Calvet Podcast Beyond the illusion

Stan Grof: Researcher, Author, Teacher & Visionary.

2018 great Interview with Stan Grof 4.500 LSD sessions & beyond - first 10 min ads! Before it starts 

Grof's Basic Perinatal Matrices

Is your Birth Experience still affection you Today?

Youtube: The many benefits of Holotropic Breathwork with Dr. Dani

Breaking down the benefits of Holotropic Breathwork

HB FAQs Global Breathwork Day 2011, Spirit Rock 

Principles of Holotropic Breathwork     


The practice of being a 'Sitter' in Holotropic Breathwork

 Music for Holotropic Breathwork

2018 Interview with Stan Grof: Voices of Esalen

I felt the fear and did it anyway Holotropic Breathwork

HBW in Vogue

What is Holotropic breathwork

Kylea Taylor On the right relationship & Holotropic Breathwork -ethics and caring

Holotropic Breathwork™ in Addiction Treatment: A Movement Towards Wholeness

Diana Medina Sharing Holotropic Breathwork

The Holotropic Breathwork Community

Holotropic Breathwork with Tav Sparks

Movie Yoga: A.P.S (Awareness Positioning System)

Stan Grof, M.D on birth trauma & its relation to mental illness, suicide & ecstasy.

12 things You Should Know About Holotropic Breathwork™ by Martin Boroson 

This is a great interview with a true leader in her field - Kylea Taylor, author of The Ethics of Caring and an elder in Grof Transpersonal Training


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