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Wednesday the 27th of Feb 2019, 9.30 to 2.30pm  

Dates for the year:

13/03/19 - 24/04/19 - 22/05/19 - 05/06/19 -17/07/19 - 14/08/19 - 11/09/19 - 09/10/19 - 20/11/19 - 04/12/19 All wednesday from 9.30am  to 2.30pm 

Do you have a calling to support others on their healing journey?

Is it time to make healthy changes in your life and/or your career?

Completing the Lottelife Intuitive Practitioner Training Program in the healing arts and become a certified IICT trainer and facilitator.
By completing the program you will gain access to:

• Training in healing through the human energy field, Somatic healing & skills on how to conducting an intuitive psychic reading
• Membership with the IICT
• Eligibility for personal business insurance cover
• Level of competency to enter the Intuitive practitioner workforce

The Lottelife Intuitive Practitioner Training Program is a journey of self discovery and healing that also teaches you how to hold a  healing  & supportive space for others.
The program includes seminars, hands-on practice and access to some experimental work. Facilitator Lotte Schultz tailors her techniques and course structure for each program, according to her intuition with the best outcome for the students.

Who can do this course

The most important aspecy of the Lottelife Practitioner Training is the willingness and openess do doing your own inner work. Anyone who wants to learn more about self awareness, how to create balance from within and how to get in touch with, and trust, their own intuition and work with their own inner healer. 
Those who want to learn the skills to become a facilitator/practitioner in the healing arts: healing through the human energy field.
Those who want to learn the techniques to apply and use their own intuitive ability in order to conduct an intuitive/ psychic reading.
Those wanting to train to become practitioners, or to gain skills and knowledge to add to an existing practice.
What are the prerequisites for this course?

You will need the desire and personal commitment to your own self discovery and healing process. Also to have completed Lottelife Personal Development Seminra module, or similar training. You will need to commit to the 11 seminars, for eleven month in 2019 

For further information contact Lottelife on lotte@lottelife or (02) 43632426 OR REGISTER BELOW


What People are Saying About LotteLife Workshops…

  • “On Friday I graduated from the Personal & Intuitive Development Program with Lottelife! This program has helped me with boundaries, self esteem, finding my souls purpose & feeling, real soul stuff. In 2016 I'll be continuing onto the Practitioners Program! Thank you Lotte”
    Belinda, Central Coast NSW
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