Holotropic Breathwork® Workshop

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With the eyes closed and lying on a mat, each person uses their own breath and the music in the room to enter an expanded state of awareness...


I am delighted to be facilitating Holotropic Breathwork® workshop with Michelle Maynard and Kael Shapter who will be joining us from Tasmania.

Michelle an Indigenous woman who has been with Grof Transpersonal Training for over 5 years. Michelle is a cultural practitioner, designer and facilitator of community connective and ceremonial based experiences.
Kael Shapter has been in the Grof Transpersonal Training for four years and is committed & passionate about working in ‘non ordinary’ states.
*More info on facilitators please scroll down.

Join us for a day of self-exploration; experience state of expanded consciousness in this unique 'set & setting' the Holotropic Breathwork™ field that we as a group create together. Our venue is on the Central coast, Kincumber and is about 15 min drive from Gosford Train Station via Uber or Taxi (1.15 hrs from Sydney & Newcastle)

We will start at 9.00am (sharp) with an introduction talk on Holotropic Breathwork™ this is helpful information (part of the set & setting) to support your journey on the transpersonal, basic perinatal and biographical experiences. This is compulsory for anyone new to Holotropic Breathwork. If you have experienced HB before (with certified HB facilitators) you are welcome to join us at no later than 10.00am for the opening circle. Or join us at 9.00am to settle in and gift yourself time before your journey.
We aim to finish around 8.30pm

The day will include two sessions, one as a breather & one as a sitter, integration phase, morning/afternoon tea.
Please BYO lunch and supper as we will finish after dinner time.

If you feel the calling to breathwork in this unique ‘set and setting’ with experienced Holotropic Breathwork™ facilitators, please read the list of medical contraindications below.
If any of these are issues for you, please get in contact with me BEFORE you register. Please email me with the details of your situation and your contact information and I will call you for a chat prior to your registration. We want to make sure that HB is a supportive setting for you and your health & wellbeing.

Medical Contraindications:
Cardiovascular Disease, including Heart Attacks
Severe Hypertension
Glaucoma or Retinal Detachment
Recent Surgeries
Recent Physical Injuries
Recent Infectious/Communicable Diseases
Psychiatric Hospitalization or Mental Illness (please discuss prior to registering)

Please note the following:
First-time attendees only: We require to attend the one-hour instruction talk on the day and please watch and read information on here: Go to the resource tap then click Holotropic Breathwork.

To book for this workshop please go to register and pay $100 deposit to secure your place (limited numbers & without the deposit you are not registered)
For payment click 'offline payment' and there is no extra cost added. With credit cards & PayPal a surcharge will occur.
Holotropic Breathwork® is a powerful approach to self-exploration and personal empowerment that relies on our innate inner wisdom and its capacity to move us toward positive transformation and wholeness.

The process itself uses very simple means: it combines accelerated breathing with evocative music in a special set and setting. With the eyes closed and lying on a mat, each person uses their own breath and the music in the room to enter a non-ordinary state of consciousness. This state activates the natural inner healing process of the individual’s psyche, bringing the seeker a particular set of internal experiences. With the inner healing intelligence guiding the process, the quality and content brought forth is unique to each person and for that particular time and place. While recurring themes are common, no two sessions are ever alike.

Additional elements of the process include focused energy release work and integration practices such as mandala drawing. Holotropic Breathwork is usually done in groups, although individual sessions are also possible. Within the groups, people work in pairs and alternate in the roles of “breather” and “sitter.” The sitter’s role is simply to be present and available to assist the breather—not to interfere, interrupt, or try to guide the process. The same is true for trained facilitators, who are available as helpers if necessary.

One of the most unique and powerful dimensions of HB is its revolutionary expanded cartography of the human psyche described by Stanislav Grof. Experiences occur, and transformation happens, not only in the biographical dimension – our life history from birth up to the present moment. But they also encompass what Grof calls the perinatal and transpersonal dimensions of the psyche.

The perinatal includes the reliving of our birth from conception, in the uterus, through the canal, and into the birth itself. In this dimension, as well as in the birth, it is also possible to undergo the powerful healing episode known throughout world spiritual traditions as psychospiritual birth-death-and-rebirth.

The transpersonal dimension includes the realms of the archetypes described by Carl Jung, as well as many other collective experiences described by world spiritual traditions, and phenomena not previously mapped by any other tradition.
In-depth descriptions of the cartography of the psyche, including Grof’s four perinatal matrices, can be read about in many of Stanislav Grof’s books.

*About the facilitators:
Lotte Schultz is a Holotropic Breathwork™ facilitator certified by Grof Transpersonal Training USA.
Drawing on more than thirty years of personal experience, spiritual development & two extensive Breathwork trainings Lotte brings many professional skills to her practice. Holotropic Breathwork™ plays a pivotal role in her life and private practice.
Lotte has trained in many modalities: info on website. Lotte regularly travels internationally for more professional training and attends Holotropic Breathwork for her own expansion and growths.

"From my own personal experiences and from having had the honor of holding space for many individuals and groups, I have learned to honor the wisdom of each person’s inner journey toward wholeness and healing. Holotropic Breathwork™ has changed my own life in all ways, and I have enormous respect for this work” – Lotte Schultz

Michelle Maynard has been training in Grof Transpersonal training for over 5 years. An Indigenous woman from Tasmania, she is a cultural practitioner, designer and facilitator of community connective and ceremonial based experiences.

This work (Holotropic Breathwork™) is profound. It has been the most empowering and transformative experience in my life ongoing. In my very first breathwork, it was clear to me the opportunity HB created to reconnect us with all of our ancient and earth-based practices of ceremony, ritual, listening deeper to ourselves, our world and everything beyond. There is guidance within and all around us.” Michelle Maynard

Kael Shapter will be joining us from Tasmania and with four years in training with GTT, Kael is committed & passionate about working in non’ ordinary states. We are delighted to have him on the HB team.

For more information on Holotropic Breathwork check under resource tap then click Holotropic Breathwork™

Stan Grof, in his research of non-ordinary states of consciousness, summaries by saying "the psyche and consciousness of each of us is, in the last analysis, commensurate with ALL ~ That ~ Is because there are no absolute boundaries between the body ego and the totality of existence." Eckhart Tolle's Power of Now

"When we do the Holotropic Breathwork™ ... we don’t have any plan, any program that we would like people to have a certain specific kind of experience, relive their birth or in the past experience. ... we really trust the inner self-healing intelligence. So we just give you a greater context, we give you the method and we play the music, and then it’s your psyche and your body that decide where you need to go. You get what you need, not what you want."
~ Stanislav Grof


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Event Date 29-05-2021 9:00 am
Event End Date 29-05-2021 8:30 pm
Capacity 18
Individual Price $280.00
Location Kincumber Neighbourhood Centre
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