Holotropic Breathwork™ A revolutionary practice of self-empowerment based on world traditional wisdom amd consciousness research.


Holotropic Breathwork™ is a technique of self-exploration that utilizes the healing power of deep breathing, evocative music, focused bodywork, and mandala drawing to enter holotropic "moving toward wholeness" states of consciousness. Following in the tradition of the shamanic practices, rites of passage and mystery religions of preindustrial and non-Western cultures, we create a supportive and caring space in which participants' own inner healer can select the most relevant material and bring it up for processing. These sessions are helpful for people seeking relief from physical tension or emotional pain, an opening of creative channels, or a deepened connection with the inner Divine.

Stan Grof, M.D., Ph.D., the creator of Holotropic Breathwork and co-founder of Transpersonal Psychology has made major contributions to the fields of psychiatry, psychology and the study of non-ordinary states of consciousness. Holotropic Breathwork seminars are now attended by tens of thousands of people around the world.
For more information on Holotropic Breathwork and the Transpersonal perspective, please click the resources tap and click Holotropic Breathwork.

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The Grof's offer a comprehensive vision of mental health and of human growth potential that extends the range of psychology dimensions of the perinatal, the transpersonal, the transcultural and mystical. Their work organically incorporates the indigenous wisdom of shamanism and the natural world, the cultural and historical basis of consciousness, and the far reaching breadth of modern physics and systems theory. On it, the personal and the universal are equally valued, the physical and the biographical, the cultural, evolutionary and spiritual
dimensions of our humanity are included. Jack Kornfield

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(From The Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator Manual by Kylea Taylor, p.9)

"Holotropic Breathwork is an elegantly simple, minimalist ritual using elements that support the healing with non-ordinary states of consciousness with
protection, permission, and connection.

Breathwork invites non ordinary/expanded states of consciousness.

Breathwork is important in many spiritual systems.

Breathwork is used in labour and delivery.

Breathwork is used to control anxiety in therapy and for medical procedures.

Prolonged connected breaths strengthen awareness of our normally repressed connections to self others, and the inner healer"

There are three steps to registering for Lottelife Holotropic Breathwork workshops.

Step 1 – Medical Contraindications

Before you register, please read the list of medical contraindications below. If any of these are issues for you, please get in contact with me BEFORE you register. Please email me with the details of your situation, and your contact info, and I will call you to discuss prior to your registration.

Cardiovascular Disease, including Heart Attacks
Severe Hypertension
Glaucoma or Retinal Detachment
Recent Surgeries
Recent Physical Injuries
Recent Infectious/Communicable Diseases
Psychiatric Hospitalization or Mental Illness (please discuss prior to registering)

Step 2 – Please note the following.

First-time attendees only: We require to attend the one hour interaction talk on the day and please watch and read information on the links below.

Step 3 – To book please go to register and pay deposit to secure your place (limited numbers) For payment click 'off line payment' and there is no extra cost added. With credit cards & Paypal a surcharge will occur.
A Note About Pricing:
If you feel called to do this work and are holding back due to financial constraints please contact me so we can explore whether a paymnet plan or some other option could be a viable solution. Our heartfelt intention is to make the benefits of HB available to as many people in our area as we are able. To learn more, email Lotte to discuss options This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Stan Grof, M.D. Website

Stan Grof: Researcher, Author, Teacher & Visionary.

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  • "My summary of my Breathwork group session today. As I said to my wife “an amazingly amazing experience” and unforgettable.
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