A Breathwork session is a wonderful opportunity to expand awareness of the emotions within our deep psyches, opening our hearts and reawakening us to the inner Divine Consciousness. Often energy from repressed past experiences can be released and freed up. Breathwork sessions are an opportunity to activate the natural healing processes we all have inside us.

Breathwork is a natural method for inducing non-ordinary states of consciousness, and for seeking healing, wisdom, and guidance. Non-ordinary states of consciousness have been used in many cultures throughout the world for healing and inner exploration.

A breathwork session is an opportunity to activate the natural healing direction of people’s own inner healer in a safe space.

• Biological cleansing - 70% of the body's toxins are eliminated by breath
• Release of stuck or frozen emotions such as anger and grief so you no longer have to hold onto them, as well as opening to joy and love
• Entering into non-ordinary states of consciousness
• Direct experience of one’s Higher Power
• Realignment of your energetic system
• Reconnection with the real you - your most authentic self
• Access to deeply held parts of yourself which are usually unavailable in talk therapy
• An opportunity for self-empowerment
• Insights into ongoing life challenges
• Opportunities to overcome the fear of death and access experiences of rebirth
• Healing of birth trauma
• Connection to your inner healer and inner knowing
• Regained inner peace
• Rediscovery of the joy of living
• Resolving of past issues including past lives
• Freeing and awakening of more physical energy
• Opportunities for recovery in addition and attachment
• ‘The opportunity of permission for sound and movement, which facilitates self-expression and self-trust; and,
• The opportunity for insight, understanding and acceptance of accountability for our life.’ (Taken fro Taylor, K (1994) The Breathwork Experience. (Hanford Mead) p.104.)
• Expansions of consciousness
• Insights into your inner emotional world
• Insights into your unique wants and needs
• An opportunity for insights, understanding and acceptance of self and others
• Forgiveness of self and others
• Letting go of control and learning to surrender
• An opportunity to release physical and emotional pain
• Regained feelings of centeredness, calmness and relaxation
• The opportunity for bonding with others through the group sharing and the sitter/breather partnership

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  • "My summary of my Breathwork group session today. As I said to my wife “an amazingly amazing experience” and unforgettable.
    Tim, Blue Mountains NSW
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