• “When we deny our stories, they define us; when we own our stories, we get to write the ending”
    Brené Brown
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As its name suggests, the purpose of soul retrieval is to return a part of a person’s soul or spirit to its rightful place.

We are often careless with our soul, leaving a part with someone else or losing parts during difficult times of our lives. These lost pieces of our soul are of no use to others but it means we are less than complete; weakened in such a way that it can take time to recover.

By restoring a lost piece of the soul to where it belongs, the healing process is facilitated and the recipient becomes more resilient and begins to feel whole.

Because a portion of the soul is free to leave the body it can do so during dreaming, or it can leave the body to protect itself from potentially damaging situations; emotional or physical.

In situations of trauma the soul part may not return to the body on its own, and may need outside support to return the soul essence. In many cultures shamans have intervened to assist this healing process and it is seen as normal and necessary to have this support.

How do I know if I need soul retrieval?

Many people know instinctively that they are missing something. They hear about soul retrieval and it makes sense to them, or they have an ‘Aha’ moment where they realize it is something that applies to them. But those people who are not as well connected with their intuition may not have that awareness.
Symptoms/indicators of soul loss can include:
- Feelings of depression.
- A feeling of being incomplete.
- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD-like symptoms.
- Inability to move past an issue, despite efforts to do so.
- Feeling like you are ‘stuck’ after you have done everything you can do.
- Feeling disconnected from life, not feeling anything, or feeling you cannot connect to things.
- A memory or incident in your past when you can say: “I feel that I lost something I never got back.’’
- A sense that a part of you - your heart or soul – has been taken; or that you were not the same once they left you or died.
- You want to return to a person or location that seems unhealthy or unlikely, even though there is no apparent reason for you to do so.
- Lost memories, as if a part of your history is "missing".
- The feeling or belief that soul retrieval may help you.

Soul loss may not always be indicated by these extreme symptoms. It is certainly true that people have experienced benefits, even if they were not sure they were experiencing soul loss. The important thing to remember is that, if you feel soul retrieval is something you would like to try, it is good to let in healthy support from a facilitator that is experienced in this process.

It is always important to check in as to whether they feel ready for a soul retrieval.
If you feel that you are not ready, then it is very important to honour this decision.

Sometimes soul retrieval will bring up issues that need to be healed. If you do not feel that you are in a place where you are ready to do that, it may be better to wait and either provide more information, or ask more questions to find out more about what is going on.
- Do they need to feel safer? If so, what does safety look like?
- Do they have enough support in your life?

When you feel it is time for the experience, it will be an honour for me to hold space and honour both the process and the person receiving…

What people are saying about Lotte's Personal Healing Sessions

  • "Without a doubt, working with Lotte has created the biggest impact to my healing journey this far. Not only is Lotte incredibly kind, supportive and intuitive, her breathwork sessions are truly transformational. I have never experienced anything more healing than my time spent with Lotte. If you want to dig deep, create change and be held with love, see Lotte. Just do it. You won't regret it!"
    Tara O
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