In an individual session I incorporate different modalities, this enables me to adapt each session to your individual situation, needs and intention. The focus is to support you to access your own inner healing intelligence and ultimately to empower you.

Modalities include: Talk therapy (psychotherapy) Breathwork, Somatic release work, Inner Child and Family Constellation. In an individual Breathwork session you may experience: Past life regression, Soul retrieval, deep body tension release & relaxation. I will be guided by you and your intentions.  

The main goal of somatic therapy is recognition and release of physical tension that may remain in the body in the aftermath of traumatic events where feelings and emotions were not fully expressed. There is not always a story/memory attached to pain/feelings or symptoms - the body has it's own intelligence to release and heal especially if it is in a supportive setting.

A consultation is $100 per hour: two hours is recommended for psychotherapy/talk support and/or for an individual healing session.

For an individual Lottelife Breathwork session we will need a minimum of three hours and many book a four-hour session allowing time to go deeper...

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  • Individual Breathwork Sessions

    Individual Breathwork Sessions

    Holotropic Breathwork® is a specific and unique 'set and setting' and to have the full experience HB is recommenced in a group/workshop setting. In the workshop setting, you will experience a breathwork journey as well as being a sitter for
    Read More
  • Holistic & Transpersonal Counselling

    Holistic & Transpersonal Counselling

    “Self-worth: The value we attach to who we are (not what we have, what we do, or what we achieve)” Brene Brown Lotte has an integrative approach, coaching different spiritual paths & practices and the Holotropic perspective, toward the healing
    Read More
  • Personal Healing Session

    Personal Healing Session

    Lotte works with your energy field (with your guidance) also called ‘The Human Biofield,’ including your aura and chakras. The human energy field is a bio-electromagnetic field that surrounds and interpenetrates the human body. This field holds information about every
    Read More

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